What are the services offered to you by BTC?

Physical Gold Wholesale

Bullion Trading Company offers a wide range of wholesale services to support the need of jewelry companies and retailers for large amounts of precious metals in the form of large bars, kilobars, and coins. BTC’s collection of bars include Minted Bars that are available in 1 to 1ooo grams, as well as Cast Bars, that come in a full range of sizes, i.e. 250g, 500g, 1Kg, and 400 Oz.

Along with our diverse collection of internationally-recognized brands, our team of world-class designers can provide our clients with innovative customized designs at competitive prices, ensuring our signature level of quality.


Sell & Buy Physical Gold

Through its VertexFX platform, BTC offers you a safe and secure online platform to buy and sell physical bullion, making timely trading decisions.

Trading in gold via BTC VertexFX Trader will help you combine the benefits of both physical and digital trading. Make timely trading decisions and plan your trading ahead to your exact preferences, while you can still enjoy your purchases in tangible gold.

VertexFX Platform

The Refinery of BTC

In our dedicated Egypt-based refinery, our experienced team oversees the refining of scrap gold and silver into high-quality bullion, crafted according to the internationally-set standards.

Through this huge facility that’s built to be one of the biggest in the region, we are able to provide our clients with high-end gold and silver minted coins and bars as well as customized bullion products.


Hedging & Digital Trading

Through its secure trading platforms, BTC employs the world’s latest technology to provide its clients with an advanced digital trading solution.

The BTC c-Trader will allow you to hedge and trade in real-time prices at digital speed. Through BTC c-Trader, you will be able to trade digitally and make timely profitable deals, without having to worry about transfer and storage logistics.

cTrader Platform

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